Plant Care Information

Euphorbia Ingens


.What do cactuses love, light? Find a bright corner for your new cactus friend to live happily ever after. 

Watering and humidity

.Water your euphorbia every two weeks in the summer time, but triple check that the soil is completely dry between each watering. When watering make sure the water is drainage through its growers nursery pot. The biggest killer of this beauty, is over watering resulting in root rot. During the winter water less from May - September. If you feel the need to water at all, just the tiniest bit of water is needed once a month. They are dormant during these months, so let them have their beauty sleep! 

Euphorbia Ingens will fit perfectly into the ordinary homes climate. They like it dry, so no need for misting.

Pet and people safety

Be really careful when handling your euphorbia. It is recommended to wear garden gloves when handling to protect yourself. Even the smallest amount of African milk from the tree is very toxic, it is white, latex sap can product painful irritation to the skin. Keep this plant out of reach from your pets! 

Succulent bowls


Succulents love the sun and they need plenty of direct sun light to keep their beautiful colours and compact form. Many will even survive quite well in full sun. Succulents can also be enjoyed inside. We recommend you bring them inside for parties, events and special occasions and then return them outside where they'll be most happy. Most succulents require either filtered sun all day or at least 3-4 hours of direct sun each day.

Watering and humidity

A succulent bowl or pot is watered when the soil is completely dry and the leaves aren't plump, this is because the stems and roots of succulents can rot quickly in damp conditions and if the soil is too wet. Generally, succulents require water no more than a good soaking 1 - 2 times per week while the plants are actively growing.

Many succulents require no water during winter, because the plants are not in an active growth phase. Water sparingly during winter and only if the leaves begin to wrinkle.


As your succulents grow, the leaves at the base of each plant will gradually brown, wither and die off. Remove dead leaves (which should pull away easily) to keep your bowl or pot looking lush and healthy. We find it easiest to do this with tweezers.

Adding a thin layer of pebbles on top of potting mix helps keep the plants dry and avoids root rot.

People and pet safety

Because the bowls are filled with a variety of succulents, it is best to err on the side of caution as some varieties we use are toxic. The toxicity mainly results in an upset stomach and some vomiting in pets and some skin irritation in people, however its best to keep them out of reach as some can be nasty!