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Delivery and Shipping

Shippable and non-shippable products

The products we are able to ship vary, but as a guide, we generally do not send the following via post:

  • Delicate or temperamental plants or plant-containing products
  • Large or heavy products
  • Any products not meeting the criteria of what is able to be posted

Products that are able to be shipped will be packaged with protective insulation and covering in the smallest package possible. Plants will also be enclosed with damp sphagnum moss or similar to protect from dehydration and will be shipping without soil. We recommend paying for express postage for plant orders to minimise any risk of damage to the plant via post.


Shipping and delivery for orders that only include non-shippable products:

We can only facilitate delivery of non-shippable orders within the Perth metro area.

Local delivery (within 1.5km of our Highgate location) is free for all orders. We also offer local delivery to addresses within 30km of our Highgate location. Pricing for delivery is based on distance and order value - delivery fees are reduced for orders closer to our Highgate location and orders with higher total order values. Orders up to $100 have a delivery fee of between $5 - $15 and all orders over $100 are free. If you have selected delivery of your order, we will deliver during business hours between 1-3 business days of the order being ready - please contact us if your delivery has any restrictions such as time of day someone is available to receive the order or access to the delivery point.

Orders are able to be picked up at no charge. If you have selected pick up of your order, please contact us to arrange this in advance. Pickup is at our Highgate, WA location and can be arranged any day of the week.


Shipping and delivery for orders that only include shippable products:

All orders containing shippable products only are able to be posted and will either be posted or delivered within 1-3 business days. Delivery and pick up of shippable orders will be the same as for non-shippable orders, and shipping will be via registered post via Australia Post. The arrival of your order, if posted, will then be subject to the postage service delivery time.


Shipping and delivery for orders that include both shippable and non-shippable products:

Orders containing shippable and non-shippable items checked out at the same time will be treated as one order, unless we are contacted to consider them otherwise, and are only able to be delivered to addresses within the 30km radius. If the address is outside this radius, the non-shippable products will be refunded and the remaining items in the order will be processed and shipped. 


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